image_1362965739385081 copyI grew up in Stockton, California. The big blue house on B Street was where my adventures started. Being raised in Stockton has shaped the person that I have become and to be honest, overall, I like who I am. I was raised by my single mother and grandparents and I learned to work hard because of them. I went on to study International Relations and French with a minor in Chicano studies at the University of California Davis. I had diaries growing up and I wrote my first short story when I was 12 years old. I started writing poetry after taking a Chicano writing class my last year of college. This is where I found my creativity and I have been writing poetry ever since. I created this blog so that I can express myself and tell you my story.  I  love being creative and I love writing. It frees my spirit and I feel like I can accomplish anything when I write.  I am a young woman from Stockton that has accomplished a few of her dreams but I still have more to do. My passion is the Stockton community and poetry. This blog highlights the beauty of both.


Angelica Garcia Flores