Writer. Millenial. Poet. Womxn. Stocktonian. Latina. Aunt.

I am proudly all of the above and more. I was born a twin to Patricia Garcia who was a single mother. Our family of three lived with my grandparents Jose and Maria Garcia.  I grew up in a loving household on B Street in Stockton, California. I named my blog after my street name because everything I experienced in that big blue house has made me the person that I am today. I am very proud of being a Stocktonian.

I attended Franklin High School and then moved on to pursue higher education at the University of California, Davis. I received two bachelors in International Relations and French with a minor in Chicano Studies. I have traveled to Mexico, Spain, France, Puerto Rico, Cuba and New England. I loved to read, eat, dance, and write. I have been writing since I was twelve years old. I started writing in diaries and then I wrote my first short story when I was 13 years old.  

In college I took a Chicano literature and creative writing class with professor Maceo Montoya (author, muralist, artist etc.) and my life changed forever. 

Ever since then, I started writing religiously. I have performed my art at different venues including open mic nights and conferences.

I started this blog because I was tired of seeing all the negative news about Stockton. I wondered about all the wonderful people I met and especially everyone that helped raise me. Not one of them contributed to the negative narrative and reputation that my hometown had. I thought to myself, “What about their stories?” 

Through B Street, I tell my story and highlight the stories of my community in hopes of engaging and connecting with you. To me, storytelling is at the center of everything and it is through storytelling that we are able to create change.


Angelica G. Flores